Get Balanced, Bold, and Brave.

Have you worked hard to accomplish your dreams but still feel like you are not enough? Do you struggle with maintaining a sustainable work-life balance? Do you worry about how to respond to gender biases and discrimination without compromising your reputation and your self-esteem?


I can help you work through these challenges to identify actionable solutions that will help you create the life that you want.


Therapy that helps you take action

If you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, it’s time to take brave action towards change. With therapy that helps you achieve a balanced state of mind, you can face your fears, move forward, and move boldly in the direction of your dreams.

break free from fear

I work with women who want it all and are willing to do the work to get it.

I help professional women coping with major life changes, career obstacles, and negative thought patterns. I help you sift through the clutter and do the work to shift your thought processes and behaviors that leave you feeling stuck.

If you are ready to seize the day and face the challenges that hold you back, we will work together to help you gain better insight into the changes necessary to break free from fear and uncertainty, tackle the mental obstacles in your way so you can gain the clarity needed to achieve your goals. 

My Services

I specialize in helping professional women overcome the challenges and obstacles to growth and achievement in their professional and personal lives.

Are You Ready To Move Forward With Your Life?​