9 guilt-free self-care tips for successful women.

Self-care tips for business women, successful women, female leaders, and entrepreneurs.

Businesswomen, female leaders, entrepreneurs, why is showing up for yourself difficult? You have been able to take care of everyone else’s needs and make time for everyone but yourself. When the opportunity arises for you to take care of your needs, you experience guilt and feel undeserving. It’s time to stop feeling guilty for prioritizing your self-care.

What would happen if you were to show up for yourself half as much as you show up for others?

This question is the “Aha moment” question. The response is often a realization of how often women place their self-care needs last. Successful women often feel they have to put their needs last because they have achieved much in their professional lives. There is a belief that they owe much to everyone else because of their success. Let’s not forget that no one else determines how women should give back or take care of others. How you choose to take care of others is a personal choice. Many successful women fear being labeled as selfish, one of the driving forces increasing the guilt associated with self-care.

Let’s visit why professional women may put their own needs last. Perhaps you have been told that putting your needs and not the needs of others first is selfish and unkind. Is it selfish of you to make your self-care a priority? The answer is “No.” You cannot give your best to others if you do not take care of yourself first. https://www.nami.org/Your-Journey/Family-Members-and-Caregivers/Taking-Care-of-Yourself

What are some benefits of making yourself a priority?

To answer this question, let’s identify why self-care is vital for you, a successful businesswoman, leader, and entrepreneur. Self-care permits you to care for your basic needs and honor the things you desire. Self-care may relieve stress and boost your immune system.

To implement self-care, start by defining your basic needs. Prioritize your needs as you would sleeping and eating, which are acts of self-care. You probably don’t feel guilty when your body tells you that you need to sleep or eat. Include self-care activities as part of your regular and necessary routine to eliminate the guilt of feeling selfish and unkind. Consider sitting quietly for 10 minutes or taking a short walk to enjoy the sunlight and feel the breeze on your face. Break self-care activities into small bite-sized behavioral changes to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Reframe how you view making yourself a priority and incorporating self-care in your life.

You’re not depriving others of your time when you take care of yourself. You’re preparing yourself to show up physically, mentally alert, and authentically when you do show up for others. You deprive yourself of reaching your fullest potential when you don’t prioritize self-care. Placing everyone else’s needs above your needs deprives you of being excellent and leaves you feeling mentally foggy.

Carving out time for self-care helps you to show up ready and allows you to:
~ Make better and more precise decisions
~ Communicate effectively
~ Manage your emotions better
~ Help take care of the needs of others
Make time for your self-care. Make yourself a priority so that you can do the things you love and desire.

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