Discovering My Superpower, The Journey to Inner Peace.

Hearing the word “superpower” may make you feel like you should be able to soar through the sky with your superwoman cape on and soar above the crowds as you watch your accomplishments unfold before your eyes. The problem is that many of us don’t know what our superpower is because we’re afraid to face the essence of who we are. We are frightened of whom we might find staring back at us if we were to take a look in the mirror. Would we like the person staring back at us in the mirror if we didn’t mask the part of ourselves that we don’t like? It’s easy to love the parts of ourselves that we consciously present to the world and think that others want to see. But what about the sides that lurk in our minds, that we wish didn’t exist, the judgmental, passive-aggressive, scared, or anxious sides that make us feel vulnerable and unlovable?

Part of a whole.

Each aspect of who we are represents a fraction and not the whole. There are parts of our characteristics that need more attention than other parts. Past situations shape how we view ourselves in the world and how we show up. Those situations help to mold our thoughts and personalities. By acknowledging the characteristics that leave us feeling undesirable, anxious, depressed, fearful, and unlovable, we begin to heal from emotional wounds. Owning our “undesirable” qualities allows us to tap into the essence of what makes us unique and strong individuals.

Admitting my flaws to myself.

How can we embrace who we are when we can’t admit our flaws and vulnerabilities to ourselves? Allowing ourselves to get to know and embrace our undesirable and unlovable side is the beginning of discovering our superpower.

What is my superpower?

Tapping into our superpower lies in identifying and showing kindness to the parts of ourselves that we shun. We develop strength when we embrace every aspect of who we are and work on healing the brokenness. Our flaws are a part of us and don’t define our traits but show us that we are individuals with human qualities. We have many characteristics that we need to learn to embrace. Embracing all of our characteristics means acknowledging the traits that we dislike as we work on healing ourselves. When we embrace all aspects of who we are, we begin to experience inner peace. Our superpower is the authenticity and peace we experience when we embrace all aspects of who we are while understanding parts that we find unlovable.

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